Volunteer Background Clearances

Volunteers with the Winter Shelter must have up to date clearances.   

* Must be updated every 5 years

ECHOS Winter Shelter Background Clearance Directions

Child Abuse History Clearance Instructions

  1. Go to the Child Welfare Portal.
  2. Create a New Account (create a Keystone ID and a password)
  3. When you get your Keystone ID and password, enter the site again and “create a clearance application.”
  4. You will need to have all previous addresses handy (since 1975) and a list of the people (including deceased members) who lived with you.
  5. Make sure you check the correct box to ensure your background check is free.
  6. After you enter your information and send it, you will be able to check your results.
  7. Print out the certificate and bring it with you to the training so we can keep a copy on file.

PA State Police Criminal Record Check Instructions

  1. Go to the Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History website
  2. Click on “Submit a New Record Check”
  3.  Click “Accept”
  4.  Fill in your information on the first screen.
    Be sure to indicate your reason for request. (This will ensure your background check is free).
  5. Click  proceed, then fill in the remaining information. You will get your results instantly.
  6. Print the certificate and bring it with you to the training so we can keep a copy on file.


If you have lived in Pennsylvania during the past 10 years, you need to sign an Affidavit affirming no charges in other states would prohibit you from volunteering.

If you have not lived in Pennsylvania for over 10 years, you will also need to be fingerprinted.  There is a $21.50 charge for this  service.

Need to be Fingerprinted?

  1. Go to the Elizabethtown Public Library website
  2. Click on the services tab
  3. Click on the fingerprinting option
  4. In the text, there is a link to www.identogo.com
  5. Click link and follow the prompts to get an appointment time at the Etown library
  6. Print the confirmation page
  7. Take that page with you to your appointment at the library.
  8. (Appropriate code = 1 K G 6 Z J)

Fingerprinting Location

Elizabethtown Public Library
10 South Market Street
Elizabethtown, Pa 17022

Appointments not necessary

If you have any questions about clearances

Winter Shelter Coordinator

Send your clearances to ECHOS

By mail:
61 E. Washington Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

By email:

Or drop off in person

ECHOS Winter Shelter Office
Community Place on Washington
61 E. Washington Street