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How to Get Involved

Become a Winter Shelter Volunteer

(December through March)

  • Evening Volunteers: greet clients, assist with nightly preparations, overnight stays, morning shift clean up, and serve meals. Training class is required.
  • Meals: prepare evening and breakfast meals (can be frozen ahead), and snacks.

“ECHOS was honored to assist a local Etown family of four last fall, whose husband drove supplies to Texas hurricane survivors. During his trip, their electric fell behind and was turned off. Without electric, they had no well water, electric heat, or way to cook. Community donations made this happen!”

Apply to be a Volunteer

Download PDFs here or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Client Support Teams

Reading The Bible

Moving Teams

Always needed to help move clients and their belongings into local apartments.

Volunteer/Donation Coordinator

Transportation Teams

Provide rides to clients for:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Service meetings
  • Stores


Mentoring Teams

Learn More

Coach spending time mentoring a student athlete.

Application for New Winter Shelter Volunteers

Check all positions that you are interested in (required)
Team Leader (6:00pm –9:15pm)Occasional Overnight Volunteer (9:00pm – 6:30am)Morning Clean-Up (6:30am – 8:30am)Laundry Volunteer Monday MorningEvening Greeter (6:15pm –9:00pm)Regular Overnight Volunteer (9:00pm –6:30am)Meal PreparationChurch/Organization Ambassador (Point Person for Communication)

Which trainings would you be interested in?
Cultural DiversityMental HealthCPR/First AidSubstance AbuseHomelessness in Depth

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