Planned GIving

You can give to enhance the future sustainability of ECHOS through many legacy and estate planning vehicles. Consider a bequest in your will, a gift of life insurance, a donation from your IRA, or the gift of an appreciated asset such as stock or real estate. There are many creative and strategic solutions that allow you to receive an income while still generously blessing our community mission.

Ways to Give

Gifts of Property

You can donate a house, building, vehicle, or other asset for ECHOS to use or sell.

Gift of Life Insurance Policy

No taxation of income. Tax deduction on lesser of policy cash value or tax basis. Charity takes control of policy.

IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s)

For those 72 or older, an individual can take a distribution from their IRA, which is a taxable event for the individual, and gift any portion of the funds to a not-for-profit. The donor will receive the tax deduction on the charitable contribution in the year the donation occurs.

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)

For those 70 ½ or older, an individual can make a charitable distribution directly from the IRA to the not-for-profit, never receiving the funds themselves. Dependent upon the donation amount, the distribution fulfills all or part of the annual IRA Required Minimum Distribution amount. In addition, the individual pays no taxes on the distribution, and the not-for-profit receives 100% of the contribution with no tax impact to the organization or the donor.

Donor Advised Fund

No taxation of income. Tax deduction on gift, not given directly to charity, but is directed as donor sees fit over time.

Charitable Lead Trust

No taxation of income. Remainder of trust to children, grandchildren. Reduces annual income tax. Deduction allowed on creation.

Gifts of Stock

No taxation of income. Tax deduction up to 30% AGI; carries forward for five additional years.

For more information on creative ways to give, contact our office.

Seeing a greater need among his neighbors, one generous community member was led to contribute to ECHOS in a remarkable way. The benefactor donated an entire house, appraised at $215,000. This home was donated to be renovated and offered as an affordable housing option for families struggling with a documented disability, stagnant wages, and mounting medical bills. Just three months later, after renovations, ECHOS was proud to announce a family had been successfully and stably housed in the home! This opportunity is a stepping stone for families in need, allowing the chance to build credit, take part in financial counseling, focus on employment, and use ECHOS’ intensive services to build the skills needed for financial stability and independent housing. Your planned gift could be the stepping stone for another family in need!