Brubaker Bros Turns Grant Into Donation to ECHOS

Brubaker Bros Turns Grant Into Donation to ECHOS

In 2017, a partnership was formed between Elizabethtown College and Elizabethtown Area Chamber of Commerce, called “Destination Etown.”  Elizabethtown College contributed $5,000 to the Revolving Loan Fund Program, out of a desire to support local businesses.

Ten $500 grants were awarded to small businesses in Elizabethtown on a first come first serve basis.  One of those businesses, Brubaker Bros. LLC (Roofing, Siding, Spouting & Replacement Windows) was a recent recipient of the grant.  Recognizing that many businesses and organizations could be struggling in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the small, family owned business, invested their award back into the community.  ECHOS was one of the recipients of the donation made by Lori and Joe Funck, owners of Brubaker Bros. LLC.

In addition to giving to ECHOS, the $500 was also split between the Community Cupboard of Elizabethtown, and the rest contributed towards a GoFundMe initiative, which will provide funds for helping other Elizabethtown businesses.  When asked why they chose to invest in the community rather than their own business, Lori says, “my husband and I are both Elizabethtown natives and understand the importance of giving back to our community.”  The story doesn’t end there, however; both Lori and Joe decided to match the $500 award by contributing $500 of their own money, doubling the donation amount to be received by the designated organizations and GoFundMe campaign.

ECHOS offers fourteen programs and interventions and relies on community donations to keep our programs going. Donations such as this one, assist our agency in continuing to serve those in need, especially during unexpected crisis like the pandemic. 

Small, selfless acts of kindness remind all of us what it means to come together as a community.  Thank you to Joe and Lori Funk for your generosity and support of our mission.