Thank You, ECHOS!

Thank You, ECHOS!

Our Winter Shelter clients have said ‘thank you’ to us, and now we want to thank our donors in return! These notes include:

  • Thank you for serving our meals every night.
  • Thank you for helping us get checked in.
  • Thank you for helping with meals and being there to talk.
  • Thank you for the food and warm showers and giving us a place to sleep. God bless all of you.
  • Stay happy! Thanks for serving us dinner and drinks. Keep smiling!
  • Thank you very much for walking us to a safe place.

This season to-date, we have offered 1,866 bed nights, a 19% increase over last year at this time! We have served 65 people: 53 families including 8 children.

ECHOS Giving Circle

We depend on our regular donors! As the seasonality of our services ebbs and flows, partners who invest monthly or on a regular basis in our Giving Circle enable us to continue providing the high-level of service to all the families who come through our doors with a need. One of the values of monthly giving is for the organization to have stable funds, ensuring our programs remain in service for our community to utilize. We are inviting you to give monthly so that we can apply your donations wherever we need the support. Just $50 could provide an interview outfit and haircut to an eager young man seeking a higher wage job or two tanks of gas for a family struggling to make it to medical appointments.

Examples of needed support are:
$2,000 – Emergency and supportive services
$1,075 – For security deposit and utilities
$750 – First month’s rent to move in
$300 – Counseling and support
$150 – Car maintenance/inspection
$55 – Job preparation, such as a work attire or new haircut
$35 – Apartment application fee
$26 – A tank of gas to help our clients get to work