Winter Shelter Remains Open

Winter Shelter Remains Open

Dear Friends,

As we begin the first full week in April, our plans to close the Emergency Winter Shelter have been altered due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In collaboration with partner agencies and upon recommendations by local officials, the Emergency Winter Shelter services will continue operations through April 30th. To continue our efforts in serving the community, the ECHOS team was awarded an emergency response grant. As the only local shelter, we felt it our responsibility to continue caring for our vulnerable community members during this difficult time.

We appreciate the hard work and commitment of our Shelter volunteers. For the next month, however, the Emergency Winter Shelter will operate with a staff-only model to protect the health and wellbeing of our generous volunteers. As we operate, our staff will be providing our guests with intensive case management and essential services to meet basic needs. Through all of this, we continue to strive to bring our mission to reality: alleviating poverty and empowering stability in our neighbors.

As we transition through this unprecedented time, we remain committed and dedicated to our neighbors. We humbly ask for our community’s grace and support. This is a difficult time for everyone; your kindness and compassion are greatly appreciated as our team works tirelessly to serve our community. We are truly grateful for your support and partnership as we face this unprecedented challenge together.

Be safe and be well,

Deb Jones, MSW, LSW
Executive Director